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Resource-efficient development and optimization of the running of a filling plant in the food industry by the usage of an innovative simulation software


In the context of the project processes for the decrease of the usage of resources for linked production plants are developed.

Besides the usage of energy, every material used while the production process in terms of packaging, auxiliary materials and the machine parts itself, are observed. Furthermore losses for the filling of the medium are observed. To reach the overall goal different steps are passed through: for the monitoring of the current consumption appropriate measuring devices and analysis processes are concepted and integrated. Moreover key factors to illustrate the detailed plant behavior and conditions are chosen.

From these measured data innovative, resource-efficient operating points are derived. This takes place by the analysis of the coherences between the single components and also by the evaluation of the load conditions and the consumptions.

Thereafter a simulation model for linked plants is developed and afterwards validated by the real data of the plant. With the help of this model a resource-efficient control loop is designed. For the running of the plant the resulting standards are completed by an efficient layout to affect the use of resources during the period of development: a forecasting tool is drafted.