Brief Description of the Cooperative Research Project WamoPRO

A variety of already established transformation motivators, like new technology developments or unsteady production quantities, affect industrial production systems. The optimization of production systems towards variable and not predictable requirements will be decisive for the success of industrial companies. The aim of the research project WamoPro is a fast and economic design of the optimization process for the companies. Depending on the point of view, both production islands and the total factory can be examined.

By now, increased flexibility of production systems is achieved by assembly based modularization of components according to modular design principles: Variants of powertrain, tool, and workpiece adding modules will be kept in store and assembled into a production system corresponding to the current requirements.

The approach of the research project WamoPro is based on this fundamental idea of technical modularization. In contrast to a mere modularization of technical units, the project also focuses on the areas of organization and staff. This leads to a complete modularization of the production system, instead of only achieving technological flexibility. By observing cost-benefit-aspects, adaptable and modular production systems will be configured and integrated into a company’s overall system.